A Paperback Exchange

Our Office

HELP +1.7326816829

Located in beautiful Belmar NJ on Pyanoe Plaza, right next door to the Bagel Cafe and Brandl's. Plenty of free parking in the Belmar Plaza parking lot between the Train Station and the back of Beach Haus Brewery. 

We are located on the Pyanoe Plaza square at the west end of 9th Ave. on the southwest corner. First store on the right as you walk onto the square from the Belmar Plaza parking lot. 

 *NOTE - the pin on this map is WRONG. We are on 9th, not 10th ave...silly freebie broken webmaps...:P

Questions? Requests? Need more information?

Call Sharon at the store:

703 1/2 9th Ave.(Belmar Plaza)

Belmar, NJ, 07719 US

Phone:             +1.7326816829

email: paperbackexchange.belmar@gmail.com